Technology for the Environment

We are committed to protecting and improving environmental quality through the application of new technologies; that’s why we dedicate all our resources and experience to the optimisation of environmental services.


At the core of Talantia lies extensive experience in the management of a broad range of complex projects which we make available to our clients and team.


The resolution of environmental problems can and should benefit from innovative and sustainable technologies, which are developed “ad hoc” or transferred and modified from other fields.


Our clients deserve the best, and that’s why Talantia strongly encourages working methods that allow the best professionals to be brought together in one team from wherever they may be: technology centres, experts, etc.


We are convinced that we have a responsibility to improve the quality of life of populations with limited water supplies.
Talantia’s main focus is on the management of contaminated soil and groundwater.

In this sector, we believe that the current approaches to resolving environmental issues would benefit from new technologies and a set-up that fosters collaboration between specialists.

At the helm

The team behind the Talantia Project is made up of professionals with extensive experience and passion from day one, convinced there is still more out there to be discovered.

Technology Consultant

We consider innovation to be a key component of our business and rely on the following for its development:
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