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Due Diligence and environmental Audits

Talantia has proven capacity and experience in carrying out different types of Environmental and Social Audits.  These are an essential tool in business management, each type of audit having its own objectives, methodologies and scope.

Corporate and/or compliance audits: these focus on the location of industrial and commercial sites, analysing the social and environmental components as well as Health and Safety aspects.  The current situation vis-à-vis the regulations at the time of the audit is considered, as are the risks of non-compliance and the specific environmental risks of the activity and/or the site’s surroundings.

Environmental Due Diligence Audits: in purchase/sale transactions and company mergers, responsibilities are assumed for environmental liabilities that can compromise the profitability of the transaction.  Even though the principle of “whoever contaminates, pays” is in force throughout the EU, there are many cases in which the buyer inherits responsibility for the existing environmental liabilities. Due Diligence audits aim to identify the possible environmental liabilities related, for example, to contamination of subsoil with asbestos, or to substandard compliance of regulations, i.e. to all those environmental aspects that may lead to responsibilities or the need for future investment.

  • The buyer identifies and quantifies the possible environmental liabilities, protects themselves from future responsibilities and values the asset with its environmental burdens in mind.
  • The vendor confirms the environmental status of the property at the time of transaction, thus avoiding future claims, identifies their responsibilities and the potential requirements for investment, and improves their position in the negotiation of the sale.

Talantia can adapt to the specific needs and objective of the transaction or to different regulations and international standards.

We offer the flexibility and knowledge necessary to perform these assessments in an expert and efficient manner, both in the first phase of identifying possible environmental risks and in the second phase involving the investigation of soils and groundwater.

Talantia’s strengths lie in:

  • The extensive experience and independence of its team,
  • The ability to adapt to different transaction types and objectives,
  • Its deep knowledge of a variety of industrial and commercial sectors,
  • The ability to operate internationally.

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