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Environmental liability management

Talantia brings its extensive experience to the environmental recovery of industrial brownfields and the associated environmental liabilities.  This experience, which has been gained from a large number of projects in various European countries, spans all of the critical steps in the management and restoration of such environmental liabilities.

The loss of natural resources from soil in Europe due to deterioration or “artificialisation” poses a major problem.  It is estimated that some 1,000 km2 of soil loses its natural uses annually (EU-Science for Environment Policy – Brownfields Regeneration 2013). For that reason, Europe has prioritised the recovery of more than 20,000 of the largest sites affected by contamination, known as megasites, which are considered to still be awaiting recovery and restoration for new soil usage.

The sustainable recovery of these environmental liabilities, and in particular those related to the contamination of soil and water, requires a combination of capability and resources which Talantia and its network of partners are able to provide.  The critical aspects include control of potential environmental risks, selection of suitable technical clean-up solutions, control of risks linked to demolitions, management and re-use of soil and rubble, sustainable and site-adapted urban planning criteria, and public participation processes.

In addition to providing technical support for the operation, Talantia can work with specialised investors to offer the financial resources that will allow the land to be acquired, lending feasibility to certain operations.  In these cases, the specialised investor assumes complete responsibility for the required decontamination, providing the highest guarantees and total protection for both the vendor and future buyer.  This protection against future risks is delivered by means of sound bank guarantee systems and specialised environmental insurance.

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