Emission control

Emissions of particulate matter and other contaminants to the atmosphere are detrimental to the ecosystems, biodiversity, and humans.

These emissions are directly regulated, inter alia, through the Industrial Emissions Directive, following the lines of the IPPC Directive. This legislation mainly regulates confined emissions during usual operation of an installation, rendering peak emissions during start/stop and diffuse emissions in different contexts in the background. However, these emissions may also pose an impact indoors and outdoors of industrial facilities.
Available technology for controlling and mitigating these emissions is frequently costly and/or barely effective, while commonly “not intelligent” (continuous action systems as opposed to systems acting only when the emission occurs), which makes it difficult for many industries that, while satisfying regulations, want to minimise isolated acute impacts.

Talantia possesses technological solutions for the control and collapse of these emissions effectively, at affordable prices, and equipped with intelligent systems.