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Soil and groundwater investigation

The first step in knowing if a problem genuinely exists and being able to resolve it, is having an accurate diagnosis…but, even with the same basic data, the question is, do all diagnoses lead to the same conclusion?

The complexity of environmental vectors means that the majority of diagnoses require a high level of expertise, both in order to fully harness the information as well as to streamline the cost of research when designing these activities.



The experts at Talantia have extensive experience in both areas, making full use of the information by applying a variety of characterisation techniques (conventional and advanced sampling) and conducting their expert analysis.  This avoids any under- or over-estimations regarding the extent of the potential impact involved.

An Investigation of soil and groundwater should always be supported with reliable hydrogeological studies, as well as a correct sampling plan.  In addition to the traditional tools used in the investigation of soil and groundwater (trial pits and surveys, piezometer installation, sampling of soil, water, sediment, analyses, etc.), at Talantia we are committed to new techniques that allow reliable information to be obtained “in situ” concerning key parameters for the study of contaminant behaviour in the natural environment:

  • “Direct push” drilling
  • Multiparametric probes to monitor water
  • Passive vapour samplers
  • Isotopic studies
  • Microbiological assessments
  • Genetic analysis
  • Assessment of emerging contaminants, etc.

Once the field data is available, interpretation of the results should consider all the variables establishing a diagnosis that is as simple as possible, but no simpler than what the problem requires.

In complex situations where reinterpretation of a large amount of historical information is necessary, Talantia makes use of smart information management by applying Artificial Intelligence techniques that improve analysis times and reduce interpretation bias.

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