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Strategic consulting

Most businesses have traditionally taken a reactive approach to environmental management, focusing on regulatory compliance and resolution of incidents as they arise.

Similarly, innovation is commonly regarded as a “must have” without further analysis, preventing it from permeating every activity of the organisation and becoming part of its DNA, which we consider key to create value.

The experience we have acquired over the years has allowed us to:

  • Test how a proactive and preventive approach, along with the involvement of different areas within organisations, results in a reduction of costs, improvement of corporate social responsibility and higher team satisfaction. This proactive environmental stance certainly leads to an improvement in competitiveness, which is especially noticeable in critical situations.
  • Recognise, based upon the experience and leadership on innovation teams, the elements that go beyond conventional innovation models, and which are crucial in continuously generating sources of value.

In both cases, the “learn-by-doing” experience, in other words, the experience founded on constant resolution of problems, acquired by the professionals at Talantia throughout extensive professional careers in the sector, allows us to orientate our efforts and resources towards defining and implementing environmental management and innovation strategies within the whole meaning of the term: environmental, social and economic sustaina

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