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Technological innovation applied to the environment

As one of its fundamental goals, Talantia has set itself the task of developing new technologies that can bring improvements in existing decontamination methods to its clients.

Over the years, environmental professionals have found recurring obstacles in remediations: accessibility to contaminants in low-permeability materials, recalcitrant compounds, waste generation, high energy consumption, high costs, etc.

It is therefore Talantia’s goal to try to find more effective and sustainable solutions.  Along the way, we have identified huge potential in applying technology of proven effectiveness in other fields that could be called upon for use in subsoil.

In partnership with technology centres and research groups, Talantia has proposed to test these new possibilities and is currently developing a number of trials with promising preliminary results.  These trials have been subsidised in the Region of Madrid (Cheque Innovación Programme) and by the Provincial Council of Biscay (Creación de Empresas Innovadoras Programme).

Talantia also seeks to promote the entry into the environmental market of next-gen technologies already proven effective in other parts of the world, and that could lead to a breakthrough in research and remediation projects.  These new means of tackling environmental issues arise from the need to improve process efficiency, making use of breakthroughs in other fields for their application in the environmental sector.  These include the use of biotechnological applications, new materials, sensors and transmitters, data processing systems, etc.

A key piece of this development can be found in the creation of partnerships and collaboration agreements with various organisations and Talantia’s commitment to ongoing learning and the sharing of our team’s knowledge.

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