The company

At Talantia, we are fully aware of the growing social demands and regulations concerning environmental issues.  Solutions to the environmental challenges nevertheless continue to be almost always reactive and often incomplete.

The latest technological advancements around the world and present in other fields have not yet reached the environmental sector.

At Talantia, we focus our efforts on promoting the integration and adaptation of these advancements in order to streamline environmental management, from prevention to the clean-up of contaminated areas.

We are also entirely convinced that the best solutions arise from open and collaborative work environments, both within our own team as well as with other companies and technology centres and, of course, in the work we carry out with our clients.

Experience and technology at the service of the environment


Talantia’s most important asset is the team of professionals who make up the company.  We also understand that our partnership policy provides us with the talent and ancillary resources to provide our clients with the best service.

The professionals forming the Talantia team have experience working in different parts of the world and can therefore offer a global service to their clients.



Achieve a substantial advance in the solution of environmental problems, with a focus on those of greater technical complexity and always under criteria of safety and sustainability.


  • LEAD a collaborative model, operating with a “technological” mentality when facing Engineering and Environmental Consulting challenges

  • INNOVATE, and above all, TRANS-INNOVATE to identify cutting-edge technologies and apply them to water and soil problems.

  • ADD an extensive network of technology partners to create comprehensive and complete solutions, with fast and efficient deployments